Clean-cut and strikingly simple silhouettes combined with pure geometric shapes. A cutting-edge functional design distinguished by exclusive colourful atmospheres, trendy textures and latest-generation materials.


Kitchen Evolution

The business idea was born in the sixties in the small artisan workshop of the family’s progenitor, his father Pasquale Turi. Strengthened by the experience and technical skills acquired in the modular kitchen sector, the Turi brothers set up the current MOBILTURI srl company in 1987.

Today, the Mobilturi industrial plants located in Southern Italy, in the province of Bari, extend over an area of ​​20,000 square meters. Among the first kitchen manufacturers in Italy, Mobilturi boasts kitchens with an excellent design, available in numerous colors, high quality finishes and resistant materials.


Strong in matter, refined in the finish, it is the new born in the Mobilturi house: Matrix. Embellished with its variable distance vertical slats, it expresses the utmost aesthetic cleanliness.

MOBILTURI introduces with HILARY a colour palette with shades suitable for creating harmonious kitchen environments. Spaces to be customized according to your own style, in the name of comfort and safety.

A creative and versatile furnishing program, compositional elements capable of merging with each other and generating original, unique environments. The material essences of oak and elm are mixed with glossy and matt finishes.


The gentle and sinuous lines of the dunes, drawn by the wind and the play of shadows, seem to come back to life in the design of the Aisha collection, which incorporates the warm and light colours of the desert. A variety of proposals in continuous balance, between modernity and tradition, exquisitely old England, where the elegant and refined character blends with the attention to functionality.

From the unsurpassed classic style a new work is born, a collection of kitchens that smell of history, of rediscovered values, of our lands. Furnishing solutions that go through time, with attention to detail with sartorial skill. Olimpia is the material that becomes poetry.

A kitchen where aesthetics flow easily and spontaneously thanks to the particular veins of the chestnut and the stylistic elements of great value. Elena is love for wood, for details, for tradition. The classic imprint dominates the scene with stylistic elements of great value with inlays and decorations.

A great way to explore the unlimited possibilities for your brand new kitchen.

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