we design interiors

Are your looking to build, redevelop or redecorate? Your first thought should be how can this space make my life better? Maybe you want to create a family space, an open plan kitchen dinner that brings people together? Or maybe you need more rooms so that you can have your own relaxing space when you need it?

We work closely with our clients to consider all of the elements that come in to play in everyday life, we can then create a space that is tailored specifically to you, your needs and your taste. With a strong background in interior design of over 17 years, we will guide you throughout the process, from planning, mood boards, CAD drawings and sourcing.

Initial design

According to the initial design brief we will present am initial design proposal that will match your desired style, specification and budget. Depending of the nature of the project a mood board or 3D drawing will be the first step towards the end result.

Alternative options

In most cases the initial design proposal will be followed by two set of changes if required. All details will be covered at the stage including creating a mood board and suggesting the materials, finishes and pieces of furniture to be used.

Service Drawings

For a smooth installation process each renovation project needs  detailed service drawings for the fitting team to have as a reference. All design elements agreed will be show in detail including lighting, space planning, power and water supply.     

A detailed design brief covering your complete wish list

Original mood board proposal followed by two set of changes 

Detailed specification of your new designed space

Optional and complete installation services provided 

As a design studio, we place the client and end user at the core of every project. Our design approach is to deliver an ascetically functional design that enhances the user’s experience of the space; we adopt a collaborative approach to working on projects which maximise the use of space, whilst offering the best solutions to client needs and aspirations. Ari Studio offers a full range of interior design services, from renovation to refurbishment, bespoke furniture design to space planning.


Mood boards are the primary stage in our interior design process. This is where we develop the concept, and begin creating an interior design scheme. Our mood boards provide an early visual example of how your finished space will look and feel. They also give an indication of interior details such as furniture, fittings and finishes.

During our first design consultation we will discuss any initial thoughts and ideas that you have for your project, and talk about any colour and style preferences you may have. This meeting gives us a chance to find out more about you and your project, but more importantly it gives you the opportunity to get to know us and ask us any questions.

Ari Studio interior design mood board


The flow of your home and how the different spaces interact has a big impact on everyday life. Maybe you need a large open plan family space, a kitchen/dinner that brings people together? Or maybe you need more rooms so that you can have your own relaxing space when you need it.

Space planning is a fundamental element of the interior design process. We look at the traffic flow and circulation of the rooms before placing the furniture, fittings and furnishings. A layout that works in harmony with you, your family and your life style will make the home a happier and better place to be.

Ari Studio space planning


Many of our customers tell us their struggles with being able to visualise their proposed space. Technical plans from Architects are great but these are meant for builders and contractors to work from and unless your adept at reading plans can be frustrating.

Upon request we can create a 3D model of your proposed space to help you understand how your complete interior will look. This also gives you a chance to see how different Layouts, Space Plans and Furniture choices will impact on your home.

SOURCING – working with reputable brands


Following a free design consultation we will start the design process making sure that all aspects are covered and the end result will exceed your expectations.