From concept to completion we’ll be there to assist you with our range Interior Design services. We undertake private and residential projects in the UK and internationally. We have a pragmatic approach to Interior design, an 17 years expertise based on accurate spatial planning and improving the flow of the interior space.

ARI Studio is the one stop shop for complete solutions from the design and planning stage to supply and complete installations for your renovation project.

We work with a wide range of suppliers matching your taste, needs and budget for your new kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedroom or home office.


Mood boards are the primary stage in our interior design process. This is where we develop the concept, and begin creating an interior design scheme. Our mood boards provide an early visual example of how your finished space will look and feel. They also give an indication of interior details such as furniture, fittings and finishes.

During our first design consultation we will discuss any initial thoughts and ideas that you have for your project, and talk about any colour and style preferences you may have. This meeting gives us a chance to find out more about you and your project, but more importantly it gives you the opportunity to get to know us and ask us any questions.


Our stress free Sourcing and Dressing services are perfect if you don’t have the time to spend finding all the items you need for your interior. There are so many options available now it can be overwhelming searching for that perfect piece of furniture or artwork.

We work with a range of trusted suppliers, furniture makers and seamstresses to ensure we can always find the appropriate solution for your project. Our Dressing and Staging services are ideal for home developments, residential sale and letting, and commercial displays. For more information regarding theses services please contact us.

Space planning


The flow of your home and how the different spaces interact has a big impact on everyday life.

Maybe you need a large open plan family space, a kitchen/dinner that brings people together? Or maybe you need more rooms so that you can have your own relaxing space when you need it. Space planning is a fundamental element of the interior design process. We look at the traffic flow and circulation of the rooms before placing the furniture, fittings and furnishings.

A layout that works in harmony with you, your family and your life style will make the home a happier and better place to be.


On average the kitchen is the most expensive room in the home. Our kitchen design services make sure that get the design that compliments your lifestyle. We present you with layout options which use the space to its full potential and meet your design brief. Our design process takes in to consideration factors such as the flow of the home, available natural light, garden access etc…

Your bathroom shouldn’t just be ‘another room’. Like the rest of your home the scheme should be considered and bespoke. It should be functional to your needs without compromising on the aesthetics.

Outstanding Modern Kitchens


Many of our customers tell us their struggles with being able to visualise their proposed space. Technical plans from Architects are great but these are meant for builders and contractors to work from and unless your adept at reading plans can be frustrating.

We create realistic renders of your proposed space to help you understand how your complete interior will look. This also gives you a chance to see how different Layouts, Space Plans and Furniture choices will impact on your home.

Complimentary design consultation by ARI Studio


CAD drawings are produced mainly for builders, electricians and other trades. These show any changes to the buildings structure or placements of hardware such as lighting or built in furniture. These can be delivered as digital copies or A1/A2/A3 print outs depending on the requirements.

We can also produce planning permission drawings should they be needed for submission on your project.

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